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Jessica Pearson, aka syntheticjesso, the ever horrible, has been challenging me ALL YEAR to write a 100,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo this November. Like a sane person, I have consistantly said "FUCK NO, WHORE."

But here's the thing.

Today, I started thinking about it.

I mean, REEEEEEEEEALLY thinking about it.

And it's only 3,333 words a day. But I'd have to be writing the WHOLE MONTH. And even my most psychotic of stories is barely enough idea to sustain itself for 100,000 words.

But then I was thinking about how I'm letting people give me dares if they help me out with getting an AlphaSmart, and I said to myself, "Self, given enough dares, you could probably manage to squeeze 100,000 words out of your puny little brain, especially since nobody cares if they actually make any sense."

So, here's the deal. IF, and I mean IF I get enough money for the AlphaSmart? I will write the 100,000 word novel this November. (There's NO WAY I could even begin to write that much WITHOUT the AlphaSmart, so no AlphaSmart, no deal.)

And I will dedicate it to Zeus.

And Mary Poppins.
Tags: alphasmart, nanowrimo

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