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screamer7n: my mom is having me listen to this really bizzare song
sleaterk21: by whom?
screamer7n: arlo guthrie
sleaterk21: is it called alice's restaurant or something like that?
screamer7n: YES
screamer7n: SO BIZZARE
sleaterk21: sarah riechert once recited all the lyrics to me, randomly
screamer7n: THAT RULES
sleaterk21: and it is bizarre
screamer7n: SHE'S MY HERO
sleaterk21: kind of
sleaterk21: okay
sleaterk21: it was great tho cuz she did it all as a question
screamer7n: ??????/
screamer7n: why?
sleaterk21: i have no clue
Tags: chats, mom, music, random

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