Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

We had our end of year swim team party today. It's kind of hard to believe the season's already almost over (all we have left is State Meet), and at the same time, it feels like it's been going on forever. I'll be happy to go on vacation.

Zoe, our youngest team member at five years old, won the coach's award (a brand-new Gizmo beanie baby, since that is what our mascot is) and seeing that child cuddle the little thing made the entire rest of the season, which has been somewhat stressful due to the lack of preparation this year, worth it.


I am so pumped for state meet. It's next weekend, but it starts on Thursday, so it will almost be like I'm working half a week and then getting to take a mini-vacation. It's almost better that we don't have a whole bunch of kids going, because it will be pretty low stress since the meet is so long. I'm looking forward to sitting and watching a bunch of really amazing swimmers swim, taking complete advantage of the hospitality room, and seeing Clerks II on opening night in Frisco. And staying in a hotel, that is always pretty sweet.


Oh yeah, I've got to write a book next month, god damn it.
Tags: kevin smith, swim team

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