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So my mom and I are going to Cedar Point this summer like we always do? But this time we're going for TWO DAYS instead of one! So I plan on riding everything I haven't ridden before, because it would be so much fun to say I've ridden everything in the park! :) I'm not counting kiddie rides, because THEY JUST DON'T COUNT. OKAY? DEAL WITH IT.

I'm also not counting Carousels or rides that are not awesome and fast. They also do not count here, because there is so much awesome and fast stuff to ride at Cedar Point that it seems silly to waste your time riding the slow stuff.

So the following checklist is for ME:

Things I Have Not Riddene at Cedar Pointe, a Sad Liste of Sadness by Jessica Wagstrome

1. Mantis
(Of the 16 rollercoasters at Cedar Point, this is the only one I haven't ridden yet, not counting Jr. Gemini and Woodstock Express because, you know, technically KIDDIE RIDES)
2. Demon Drop
3. Chaos
4. maXair
(This one looks fun but SCARY.)
5. Ocean Motion
6. Power Tower
(Again with the scared. These rides scare me for some reason, which is a reason why this is one of the very few rides at Cedar Point I've yet to try.)
7. Skyhawk
(I have an excuse for not riding this one. And that is that it's NEW FOR 2006!!!! WHOOT)
8. Wave Swinger
9. Snake River Falls

Okay, only nine rides? Not that bad. I thought there was a lot more I hadn't ridden there. I AM FULL OF AMAZING AND AWESOME. AND ALSO A SEVERE OBSESSION WITH THRILL RIDES. Cedar Ponit is like thrill ride CRACK. Someday my mom and I want to go on a tour of all the most popular amusement parks in the country and ride all the most talked about roller coasters, but considering most of them are at Cedar Point ANYWAY, visiting there once a year will have to do.

Aaaaaaaaaand because it's necessary...

Thingse Ie Absolutelye Muste Ridee Againe ate Cedare Pointe, Ane Obsessivee Liste ofe Obsessivenesse bye Jessicae Wagstrome*

1. Top Thrill Dragster
2. Millenium Force
(Hands down absolute favorite ride in the park. Beautiful at night.)
3. Wicked Twister
(This one looks dumb but that's just a cover up for how AMAZING it really is.)
4. Magnum 2XL
5. Blue Streak
(This ride is old and adorable and I love it.)
6. Raptor
(This ride is not old and huge and I love it.)
7. Gemini
(It's awesome because there's TWO!)
8. Tilt A Whirl
(Yeah, okay, so this is technically in the Camp Snoopy section of the park, but it is a TILT A WHIRL, ad therefore it is awesome.)
9. Thunder Canyon
(Fun fun fun fun rapids ride.)

*For some reason, adding e's at the end of words that don't require an e at the end never ceases to amuse me.
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