Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So, hi! I've been SUPAR BUSY lately. But I still have nothing useful to post.

Ummmm...I hung out with everyone's favorite Anne Moloney yesterday, and that was pretty amazing! On Saturday I murdered my muscular structure by going to the citywide lifeguarding refresher course thing and re-learning the entire week long lifeguarding class in ONE DAY. That equals all the rescues, backboarding, swimming and 200 YARDS OF TOWING A REAL LIVE PERSON. Which, apparently, equals death for your thighs.

This post is boring and does not involve enough DDR!!!! I PLAYED SO MUCH DDR TODAY I SWEATED LIKE A MADWOMAN. The secret is not letting myself play my rut songs and going straight into non-stop mode, apparently! I have been challenged by one Phillip Clark (I believe Ms. khieri knows who I'm talking about) to a DDR MATCH OF DEATH after Splashday next weekend. He claims he is so good he will "rape me", to which I say, IT'S TIME TO PRACTICE AND GET BACK UP TO SPEC.

Passed "Bag" with a C...not too bad...but could be better. My legs hurt double now, ow ow ow ow ow.
Tags: ddr, swimming

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