Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I just realized something.

After Season One and Season Two, they released the first Buffy Watcher's Guide.

After Seasons Three and Four, they relased volume two.

Seasons Five and Six are now over.

I'm due for a new watcher's guide.

I just checked and found it is not released yet, then I checked the release dates of the first two. Volume One came out in November of 98, and was 298 pages. Volume 2 came out in October 00, and was 472 pages. So I will patiently wait 3 to 4 more months for Volume 3. If it's not at LEAST 646 pages of meaningless Buffy info that really doesn't matter but I care about anyway, somebody is dying.

My best bet would be you.
Tags: buffy

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