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Okay, I haven't had access to the internet to post about this? But OH MAN CHRIS I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Seriously. I had these visions of Chris and Taylor duking it out for the final showdown and it being AWESOME. On the flip side, I am super glad Elliot's not gone. I've decided that I LOVE Elliot, the fact that he's made it this far is totally awesome and I'm super pumped for him, so next week? I'm votin' Elliot for TWO HOURS. Because I don't really care if Katherine goes home, she's been so iffy with her performances these past several weeks, while Elliot and Taylor have been consistantly amazing. And I have no doubt in my mind that the Soul Patrol will see Taylor through to the finals. I just really want to see Elliot make it to the top two!!!

Okay, that's done. NOW. The unedited version of the third book in my "trilogy", Why You Should Never Trust a Llama: A Choose Your Own Adventure, is up on! VERY EXCITING STUFF, mostly because I actually wrote a freaking trilogy. The sad part is I can't afford to buy my copy until NEXT WEEK when my paycheck comes in, life is FULL OF PAIN.

And, OH MAN, YOU GUYS, LULU NOW OFFERS TO PUBLISH BOOKS IN A POCKET SIZE. Like, instead of holding a huge paperback book that's just akward and difficult to read? You can now get them printed in the classic, adorable, tiny book size like the Discworld books are. And do you KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???? It means it will make the books EVEN THICKER due to having to use smaller pages!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The edited versions are SO coming out in pocket size.

SPEAKING OF THE EDITED EDITIONS: I'm putting out a call for artists who would like to take a stab at the covers. I think if I'm going to bother to make these coherent, solid stories (cue laugh track), I want them to have nice, non-stock covers. ANY TAKERS??? It involves drawing a LOT of llamas.

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