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EDIT: Updated my novel writing comparisson chart, and made an EERIE DISCOVERY: This book and the book I wrote for the craft_olympics are the EXACT SAME NUMBER OF WORDS. 50,011. Yeah, I give up pretty much as soon as I hit that 50,000 mark.

So today is my birthday, although we sort of had the party last night, which was pretty cool. I'm not usually one to enjoy having a birthday party before my actual birthday? But seeing as how I'd just finished my novel, I kind of looked at it as a dual birthday party/excuse to run around like a crazy person because I'm NEVER WRITING ANOTHER BOOK*.

Also, the party extended into the wee hours of the morning, by which time it really WAS my birthday, so that was great and fun and stuff.

Not sure what I'm going to do today, but since it's my birthday, I have to spend it with buddies. I know my family is planning to take me to dinner at DELICIOUS DELICIOUS CARRABBAS, and I'd like to swing by the apartments and hang out with Ms. syntheticjesso. I'm at Jim and Jessie's right now, as I ended up just crashing here and spending the night. And despite the girl's best attempts to wake me up at a decent hour, I managed to sleep until noon! HUXXAH!!!

Anyway, they are ASLEEP, and I feel like I should wait until they wake up before I run away because it is my dang birthday, and I want to say hi to them. Even though I said hi to them last night after midnight which was technically my birthday, too. BUT I'M WEIRD, I never made great claims at making any sense.

*probably a lie.

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