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Okay, so I posted this post about day 5 and hotmail TOTALLY ATE IT. And it is not gmail, so it didn't save a copy and I HATE EVERYTHING because I've had to use hotmail recently since for some reason gmail won't come up. It's not blocked, but it just comes up with the whole "cannot find server" business and converts the web address from to, and I cannot get to the website no matter WHAT I do.

--End Rant--

Basic gist of my day five post. I'm pissed it got eaten because I REALLY LIKED that post. Anyway, day five was...Thursday? Yes. And I went to open mike night with syntheticjesso, thighofjustice and specific_chris. Don't ask me why Jessica allowed me to go to this intensly large distraction when I was supposed to be typing 6,500 words.

Somehow, I managed to get all 6,500 words typed DESPITE ALL THE STUFF GOING ON. Plus, I got to hear some of the songs specific_chris had been working on for the soundtrack, which is HIS challenge for the week. They were great, and I was hoping to be inspired to keep writing after hearing them, but by that point I was completely SICK of writing and the LAST thing I wanted to do was sit there and type when there were PEOPLE to hang out with.

In my original post, I mentioned that there were two particularly cool things about the night that came to pass, (besides the obvious pleasure of being in the company of friends), but I can't remember the first one. I think it was probably the bit about the songs.

The second was that I got to try German Pancakes. I don't know who the hell came up with these things? But HOLY CRAP.

thighofjustice told me that I had to try them. When described, they sound like the most horrible things anyone could have possibly devised. A big huge crepe pancake thing, filled with powdered sugar, butter, and lemon juice. I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE lemon juice, so I was fully prepared to not be enamoured by this concoction. Mr. Himes, being a bastard, forced me to try a bite of it. It was the MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER EATEN SOMEHOW. When I asked for another bite, Mr. Himes continued his bastard trend by refusing to let me have any more since it was his pancake. I had to resort to taking sneaky bites when he wasn't looking, I don't think he noticed.

ANYWAY, THE POINT IS: I spent all of yesterday with the phantom taste of German Pancakes in my mouth, wishing beyond all wishes that I had an entire plate full of them for me to consume. The moral of this story is DAMN YOU MR. HIMES.

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