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6,125 words yesterday. Not too bad considering I had to make an unplanned visit to Jim and Jessie's, plus yesterday was AMERICAN IDOL, HELLO. Regarding the show last night? I got nothing. I want them all to stay. I love them ALL. Can we just have five winners? Just this once? Please? Yeah, a few of them had some crappy songs, but they ALL had at least ONE awesome one! AND THEY'RE SO ADORABLE. I just want to pinch their collective cheeks.

Okay, that's done. Today should be a more productive writing day (I SHOULD be writing right now, but I'm a horrible person), since I'm going to go STRAIGHT HOME (unless something else weird happens) and type and type and type all night long.

In other news, I have the greatest mother on the face of the earth. It's true. You might think your mom's pretty cool? But really, your mom's ALRIGHT. (<--see what I did there?) But MY MOM is TEH BEAST. She called me after AI last night to discuss the show (we do that, we're huge nerds), and she heard that I sounded all congested and stopped up and stuff. She goes, "You need chicken broth!" I said, "I can't afford chicken broth, I've only got fifty cents to last me the whole rest of the week!" And my mother wibbled at that, I guess, and later that night, there was a knock on the door. My mom had driven from her new house which is fifty billion years away (okay, 30 miles, but still) and bought me three things of chicken broth, a six pack of Aquafina, two small bags of doritos, and two Red Baron french bread pizzas. I LOVE THAT WOMAN. I mean, seriously.

And I think that's all? Oh, syntheticjesso now lives in the same apartment complex as me! I can't remember if I'd mentioned that or not. BUT IT'S AWESOME. I'm trying not too bug her too much. I have the tendancy to get overexcited by things, and so I'm doing my best not to run over to her apartment every five minutes and go, "HEY GUESS WHAT I JUST THOUGHT OF, I LIKE CHEESECAKE, OH MAN", because presumably the reason she moved out of her house in the first place is that she wanted at least a little alone time. BUT IT'S HARD BECAUSE I LIKE PEOPLE.

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