Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Writing has consumed my LIFE.

Well, yesterday I didn't meet my goal of 18,143. I only got to 17,021 words. Which, it could be argued, is pathetic, because it's only 1,122 words (about half a cd's worth of writing) away from said goal? But by the time I hit 17,021 it was late, I was tired, and I'd had a full day of intense doing lots of stuff and thinking hard with my brain. I wanted to SLEEEEEEEEEP and maybe not ruin my immune system TOO much right at the beginning, although it's showing severe signs of faltering ALREADY. I'm so screwed.

All told, I wrote 5,985 words yesterday, which is sickeningly close to 6,000 and I should be punched in the face for it. But, I am actually 2,735 words ahead of schedule, thanks to doing 11,000 on Sunday. MAN am I glad I did that.

In other news, according to Chris Baty, creator of NaNoWriMo, I would be a FOOL to attempt writing a novel in a weekend (*cough*MEGAN*cough*JESSO*cough*):

Did you know there is a group in Vancouver that writes novels in a weekend?
Yes, and they are fools. Everyone knows that any deep and lasting work of art takes an entire month to make. -From the NaNoWriMo FAQ's.

Also! This was on the NaNoWriMo home page updates from last week! Something exciting Chris Baty is cooking up to cause us MORE pain and suffering! This is all he reveals:

"A hint: Start stockpiling treats and caffeine for June, 2007. A brand-new writing challenge awaits."

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