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That guy at Scarborough Faire who beats himself in the head with a pan for money

AKA: Who I want to be when I grow up: A photo essay.

esoteriqua brought to my attention that not everyone in the world is as intimitely aquainted with that guy who beats himself in the head with a pan for money as I, and so, it is my intention to show you ALL...the joy you are missing.

I put out a call for pictures, and man, did those rennie freaks deliver, I LOVE YOU RENNIE FREAKS.

Here's we go:

As the day begins, our hero sits valiant, pan in hand, ready for a good day's head bashing.

And the beating begins! LOOK at all his monies! Do you see why I adore this fellow?

Now, I don't want you thinking that this fellow only has one talent. Given enough money, he will toot on his NOSE HORN.

Beating oneself with a pan whilst blowing a nose horn is hard work.

But that's okay! When he's tired from a good day's pan beating, he's got his new solo show to fall back on! Scratch's Box of Horrors.

Wherin he shoves food items in his pants. It's okay, he's practiced at shoving uncomfortable things in his pants. He used to be in the mud show.

I simply adore this man.

When the day is done, you can see him as you leave the Faire, not trying very hard to play an instrument which, for the sake of keeping songs out of our heads, will be referred to as a "fiddle".

And finally, when he's not being insane, he can be pretty attractive.


If you do not love him, you are no longer my friend, and I'm sorry our friendship had to come down to this, but you know how these things go.

EDIT: OMG, Jesso has MOVIES of him doing his smashing thang!


(What you miss in this video, because people walk in front of them, is the pan dude getting irritated waiting for Nathan to put the dollar in his bowl and just swiping it out of his hand.)


I would like to thank lasaire, starrc, and aggieashley for pointing me in the direction of these pictures.

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