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So I get a salad from the salad bar at CiCi's Pizza EVERY DANG DAY almost? Right? They are a) relatively healthy because they have the dark green romaine lettuce you can choose instead of the iceberg lettuce, and they are b) cheap, $2.15 for a salad to go which fills me up really well.

I get one for lunch ALL THE TIME!!! They are probably a very big contributing factor to me losing 16 pounds since leaving Drew. Well, today I go in to get my salad, and they no longer have the salad bar. Now they have...wait for it...PREMADE SALADS. Three premade salads, two with iceberg lettuce and one that is just PASTA, for crying out loud, all drenched in dressing that is NOT the low fat ranch I used to use to feel better about completely drowning my lettuce in it.

I swear, I nearly cried. There is nowhere near my office other than CiCi's that has a decent, cheap salad bar. I'm so picky with my salads that premade salads are not for me. Subway has salads, but a) there is no Romaine lettuce or crutons, b) their low fat ranch causes me to throw up, and c) they are NOT cheap. So I'm going to have to do some research and come up with a new, healthyish lunch solution.

IN OTHER NEWS! Yesterday I went back to Scarborough with Mr. thighofjustice, which was a lot of fun. I tried on some of the underbust corsets from Scarlett's Corsets. I tried them on last summer with syntheticjesso, and I was a size 30. This year? I was a size 26. I WENT DOWN TWO SIZES!!! Whoot :) So then she showed me a bunch of cool corsets that would match my Scarb garb, and Nathan and I ended up agreeing on a pretty green one with oriental fabric. I can't find it on the website or I'd post a picture, but she said it was a new one. So I have to save my money now, because I WANT ONE. POSSIBLY THREE. Maybe seventeen. Who knows.

Then we picked up a pizza and ran around at the park, which was also fun because it was a REEEEEEEEEALLY nice day. So yeah, yesterday was a lot of fun.


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