Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

ASLDKFJSDALFKJSDLFJDSLAFKJSAL there are some people I want to punch. There are also many people I don't want to punch.


Zoe is leaving Rasputina!!! *weeps bitterly* I have not seen Raspy without Zoe EVER in all the time I've been a fan. I know their lineup is constantly switching, but THIS IS WEIRD. I have difficulty dealing with change. Ah, well, I'm sure it will be okay, she's still doing the solo thing and she's awesome at it, so I'm still planning on seeing her in concert. I just had this feeling that her, Melora and Jonathan were the MOST AWESOME, IRON CLAD, FINAL Raspy lineup evar.

Oh well. Guess we'll see who joins Melora next! I hope Jonathan stays.

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