Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

American Idol!

Man, Kellie sucked last night. But she knew it, and all the judges were like, "Aww, poor Kellie, IT'S OKAY." EVEN SIMON!!! Why, oh why do you betray me so, Simon? Not that I want her to go before Ace. I will give her a get out of jail free card if it means that ACE GOES HOME.

Simon was REALLY NICE last night, I attribute this to the fact that he likes those songs. Who knows. Maybe he was drunk like Randy said.

Liked what Chris did with his song, I thought it was beautiful. My mom thought it was weird, but it was nice to hear something different from him. Taylor, of course, was amazing. Oh, did anyone catch Ryan Secrest give a small Taylor-esque smile right before the break, when he said Taylor was coming up next? Yep. Yep, I'm a nerd.

Katherine did better than last week, but she seems to be slipping into this nasaly, wide vocal. This is a very, very slight change that I'm probably only noticing because of how good she was at the beginning, I wonder if her mom not being there to give her constant lessons is having anything to do with that?

Paris was AWESOME last night. Adorable, and her voice was great. She's been growing on me the past few weeks. Who am I missing? Elliot! Argh, sadly I have to agree with Simon, because I can't really remember much about his performance. I remember enjoying it while it was going on, I'm sure he sang well, but I don't think it was a stand out like last week. Still, I REALLY HOPE AMERICA IS NOT RETARDED and gets rid of Ace first.

I tried to vote for Chris but the lines were all busy. I feel like I should be throwing all my votes at him since I've picked him for the winner.

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