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I've also been meaning to post this, to make it OFFICIAL:

So I've got one book left to write in my trilogy, which specific_chris has bid me dub "Why You Should Never Trust A Trilogy: The Sequel", which couldn't be a more awesome name for it, and it totally blows away my "Untrustworthy Trilogy" bull crap, and that is its name now.

Well, here's the thing with me and writing books. I can't do it unless someone is standing over my head with a deadline, and someone else is participating in trying to keep to the same deadline.

syntheticjesso was kind enough to provide me with the deadline part. She said, "WRITE IT IN A WEEK!" After I killed her and buried her remains in the park by the big tree, I thought to myself, "You know, that would get it over with rather quickly."

So I had the first part. But now I needed someone to BATTLE AGAINST.

The aforementioned specific_chris stepped up to the plate, saying that he would compose and record an entire album (Not 100% on the recording part, but the composing part, yes), consisting of 14 songs, in the one week I was frantically writing my third novel. Not only that, the ENTIRE ALBUM was to be based on one thing, something I was given the opportunity to choose, since he needed to be challenged as much as I. Given the fact that I think they are brilliant pieces of literary achievement, I chose the theme of my books. And so we shook on it, and it was done.

Starting April 30th, and ending May 6th (the day before my birthday, *cough cough*), Mr. specific_chris and I are going to DIE.

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