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I gotta admit. I was nervous as hell about the Queen show. I was like, "There is no way ANY of these people are going to not suck." I mean, it's pretty much an unspoken rule on AI: Never tackle a song that everyone knows, has heard a billion times, and has a very firm image of in their minds, unless you're going to do something totally unique with it.

And what is Queen but a BIG, HEAPING PILE OF POPULAR SONGS??

So yes. Nervous.

But last night's show? It kicked ASS. I even enjoyed Ace's performance a little. Everyone was so awesome that I really wanted ALL of them to win, right then, except for Ace, because I just couldn't deal with that.

But everyone did awesome! I was a little irked at Katherine for switching her song, because the song she picked is the one Mandisa was going to sing. And I think Mandisa could have done it a lot better. But that was really my only complaint!

Stand outs for me last night were Elliot (DAMN that boy can sing) and Taylor, of course :) I was really pleased with how Taylor did last night, because he's been worrying me, not doing his cool, funky Taylor thing. But he was all "I AM TOTALLY A BLUESY JAZZY SINGER DUDE WITH GREY HAIR" again last night and it was GREAT.

All in all, last night's show was a lot of fun, and if anyone but Ace goes home tonight I will be REALLY upset.

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