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wow, I just went through my entire voice folder and organized it. This is my folder of all the songs I've sung over my past two and a half years of taking voice, including the programs from the recitals I've been in. I've been in 9, I've got all but one of the programs. My voice teacher said she'd photocopy that one for me so I could have it, ALSO, there's a song that I KNOW I sang in a recital, but for the life of me, I can't figure out which one. I THOUGHT it was for this Judy Garland thing, but we sang that at a nursing home, and I have memories of doing this song at the High School (where we do all our normal recitals). But none of my recital programs have that song listed. We do three songs a recital, and I have three songs that I must have sung in that recital I don't have the program for....and then I have my mystery song. It's really annoying me. But at least I have a nice organized folder! WHOO.
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