Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So I've been listening to my iPod at work, and I realized I have had Sarah Vowell's Assasination Vacation on it for about a year and never listened to it. I said to myself, "What better time to give it a listen than when I'm sitting around at work?"

MAN, is it fun to listen to! It's pretty much the history of every presidential assasination ever. But apparently? Sarah Vowell is OBSESSED with presidential assasinations. So she tells you about them with the same enthusiasm I talk about oh, say, American Idol.

She tells it in a semi-autobiographical way, relating how she went on a sort of "pilgrimage" to various locales of import for each of the assasinations. She intersperses these with stories about the people involved with them. It's pretty interesting, really.

ALSO: Man, yesterday I was working off of a whopping one hour of sleep? And I DID NOT DIE. In fact, somehow, I didn't even feel tired the whole day. I was planning to get off work at five and crash, sleeping straight through the night until I had to get up again, but I actually stayed up until about eight playing the Sims, working on my knitting, etc.

One more day until SCARBOROUGH!! I've alloted myself twenty bucks for food, and ten bucks for a random pretty that I'm sure to see and go "WANT WANT WANT". Alas the lack of ten dollar corsets. ALAS, I SAY.

Hey, Megan, what time are we meeting at Jesso's again?

Also, Janna, I got your message to call you, but I'm a horrible person and I keep forgetting to return your call. This is mostly due to the fact that I'm pretty much never in a place where my phone gets good reception. So I apologize, and if I forget to call you tomorrow, I'll see you Sunday!

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