Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Dear everyone!

I'm posting from my parent's new house!

They moved. To the most ridiculously far away from me location IMAGINABLE. Their new house? Is enormous. I'm having a difficult time getting adjusted to this random and abrupt change. They pretty much announced they were moving two weeks ago.

I can't even express how retardedly big this house is. It's unneccisarily big. It's making my poor, money hoarding heart go, "Nobody should ever be able to afford this ever."

And the truth is, THEY really can't afford this. But they're doing it anyway. WHATEVER, PARENTS.

Hooray for weird things! I'll never be able to set foot in my old room, or any part of my old house again! Weird, weird, weird. Just another part of my old life that's dropped off into oblivion...

(Despite the gloomy tone of this post, I really don't feel that sad about it, it's just weird. And I think the move was kind of stupid.)

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