Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

This is the website that I spent eight billion years working on for my boss:

Now, it was technically built by an overseas company. But then, when it was sent back to us, I made the mistake of telling James I could code. So, from that point on, they would send changes, and he would tell me what he wanted it to look like. I would basically recode the entire page, and send it back to them, in short, I did a bunch of the coding for them. Did I get paid extra for this? I'll give you three guesses. If any of them were something other than "no", I'm afraid you're incorrect.

Yeah. I'm kinda a pushover in that I wouldn't even consider asking for more for doing something that we were techincally paying someone else to do. But it still sucks.

I didn't do the flash intro, though, that was not me at all. Never touched flash in my life.


Oh, man, okay, the world was bound and determined to not let me get any sleep last night. I was at Jessie's until 2 AM because we were determined to do our belly dancing stuff, which we've been neglecting since before spring break. But the way things go over there, what with finding dinner for nine people, being sent on a billion errands by Jim, helping Jessie finish her homework, and waiting for Fraher to get home, we didn't actually get to do it until that late at night. On top of which, I was doing laundry I'd forgotten about, and had to get that out of the dryer.

So I get home, take a shower, get in bed and turn on the bedside lamp to read a little bit before falling asleep (probably stupid of me that late at night, but I never made claims at being brilliant). Not five minutes later, the power goes off. EVERYTHING goes off. I'm slightly panicked, because I've been neglecting my electric bill in lieu of paying the rent and making car payments, but one look out the window verifies that it's the whole apartment complex, not just me. Feeling a little more relaxed, yet still kind of freaked out because it is completely dark and completely silent, I lay back down. Then I start panicking because, if the power stays off, my alarms won't go off the next morning, at least not the super loud one that always wakes me up. This thought keeps me awake for about another hour, when I finally drift off.

Shortly after I fall asleep, the power snaps back on, waking me up due to the lamp coming back on and shining in my face. I grumble, but appreciate that everything's back on track, reset my clocks, turn off the light, and get back in bed.

An hour after that, some cats start howling relatively near my house. I have a good feeling what they were howling about, however, that didn't make it any less irritating or lack-of-sleep inducing. They kept it up for about ten minutes. By this point, it was 4:30 AM. I had to get up at 7:30.

The cats finally shut up, and I fall back asleep. At 6, my first alarm goes off. My alarms are cleverly set up to wake me up three times, half an hour apart, before I actually have to get up. This is because I can't just wake up and go, "I'M AWAKE!" I have to be prodded out of bed.

And of course, by the time I actually had to get up, I hadn't gotten more than one and a half consecutive hours of sleep the entire night.

SHEESH. Is all I have to say. I'm going to bed at 10 tonight. Maybe.

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