Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face


Okay, I just checked my royalties page on Lulu, because I like looking at the fact that three of my friends have bought my book, right?

Well, apparently, yesterday? Someone bought EIGHT COPIES of Why You Should Never Trust a Man: A Memoir.

WTF????? I am seriously hoping this is not an April Fools joke Lulu is playing. That would be a pretty sick April Fools joke to play on pathetic self-published authors. If it is not, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO BOUGHT THEM!!!!!!! Was it YOU???

Also, the first year of my livejournal? Which I pretty much put up there for me, to see more books in my storefront, expecting zero people to buy it since if they were that interested they could just go to my calendar instead of shelling out seven bucks? Has sold three copies. This floors me, everyone. FLOORS ME.

If you're buyin' my pitiful crap, I love you for it. Seriously. The love in my heart? Is for you.

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