Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

LJ Interests meme results

  1. being a nerd:
    Hahahahaha, yes, if you've read my journal for two seconds, you know that I am the BIGGEST nerd. Ever. Maybe. And I LIKE IT.
  2. chasing amy:
    THE BEST Kevin Smith movie. My favorite, anyway.
  3. disney's robin hood:
    THE BEST animated Disney movie. Other than maybe The Emperor's New Groove.
  4. halloween:
    THE BEST holiday ever. Costumes! Candy! YOU GO TO PEOPLE'S HOUSES AND THEY FUCKING GIVE YOU CANDY. What could be more awesome than that?
  5. kevin smith:
    Probably clear from the Chasing Amy interest...I am in love with Kevin Smith. To a disturbing degree, really. If I start to go into much detail, I'll probably run out of room. Snoogans.
  6. memento:
    An awesome movie that goes backwards. One time I took the tape copier my mom had and put it in order. It made more sense that way, but was less awesome.
  7. obese pets:
    My cats, the ones I used to have before I gave them away, were the FATTEST CATS OH MAN. And I loved 'em for it. Thank god Jim and Jessie also have a fat cat.
  8. renaissance faires:

    I have my own "Scarb Garb" if you will.
  9. spoons:
    I just love the word "spoons", I'll be honest. Utensil wise, they're pretty awesome too, but just looking at the word "spoons" makes me giggle. The only way it could be funnier is if it were "sploons".
  10. weirdness:
    I think this is obvious. Really. I mean.

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