Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

My new book!

Ok, the prequel is all formatted and up on Lulu. You can buy it here! (I'm looking at YOU, MFJP!!!) I named it Why You Should Never Trust a Woman: A Devotional. I'm pretty pumped to hold it in my hands.

Since the first one had a grand total of three chapters, I decided to make this one excessively chapterish. There are 55 chapters, in 200 pages. I'll come up with something completely different and chapter abolishing for the third one! Maybe!

My storefront is starting to look like a decent...thingy! If you can forgive the fact that one of them is not so much a book as a pitiful attempt to stroke my own ego.

Someday I'll put Whatever up there. That'll be cool.

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