Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Thinking more logically

Okay. So I've been thinking more logically about the whole running away to see Will Makar thing, and I PROBABLY really shouldn't go, for several reasons. Most importantly, it's on Sunday, my ONLY day off to sleep in, in the morning. So that means I wouldn't get to sleep in for two weeks.


Also, I totally planned stuff with khieri for Sunday, and our plans to hang out keep getting shunted to the side, and I'd feel really bad shunting them again for a spur of the moment really long drive to see Will Makar.

And finally, I've never driven for five hours straight before, much less in the middle of the night, much less to somewhere I've never been, much less immediately turning around and getting back in the car to drive for five more hours.

Plus, if he's smart (I REALLY FUCKING HOPE HE'S SMART), he'll realize that Texas is BIG, and he has lots of Texas fans, and he should come to Dallas.

I think of all these things, and then I listen to the mp3s and I go, MAN WHAT AN AMAZING VOICE HE HAS. Then I see THIS PICTURE:

And I'm really undecided.

If I end up not going, I will totally return the money so generously donated thus far. But I really can't decide.


Don't answer that. The internet always encourages ill advised adventures. It is in its NATURE.

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