Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Dear livejournal:

I'm back home! I made it alive! I am not dead! It's amazing!

The beach was a lot of fun. It was full of water and salt and waves and stuff and I ran around in it like a crazy buffoon. I don't think I've been to the beach once when I didn't barge into it fully clothed. I even had TWO bathing suits this time, but we were taking a random walk on the beach after the sun had started to go down and I thought, "It's cold and windy, and I won't go in." Then we got down there and MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, the waves were all, "WE ARE THE MOST BADASS WAVES IN THE WORLD" and the water was all "SOMEHOW I'M DEFYING PHYSICS BY BEING WARMER THAN I WAS WHEN THE SUN WAS UP" and it was all over for my dry clothes.

We also went to museums and stuff, and even though we were only there for three days, the Starbucks on the island had Jessie and Fraher's drinks memorized by the end of the visit. BECAUSE THEY ARE PSYCHOTIC STARBUCKS ADDICTS. Actually, it was really weird to walk into a Starbucks that didn't instantly recongnize them, so when they finally got the drinks down, it actually caused the universe to click back into place. If you noticed a weird temporal fold at the beginning of the week, that's what it was.

And now I am at HOME. It's time to catch up on my American Idol (I lost Melissa! I blame this completely on me not being home to stare at the TV and send pro-Melissa rays through the air, even though I totally called my mom to find out her number and I voted as crazily as I could without completely irritating the people I was with), and to play some hardcore DDR because I have felt a severe lack of any form of exercise. And I'm an addict.

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