Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

An emo post

MAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. I get everything figured out and everything's okay and I'm COOL with stuff. And then something happens and my brain goes all caflooey. I swear, my brain is out to get me. It's trying to mess with me when I am happy and do something to make it otherwise.

I WAS TOTALLY FINE. Then I opened my mouth and my brain started chugging away and I blew it.

It would also help if I could remember things with any sort of clarity. The fact that I can't causes pieces of information that are helpful to intermingle with pieces of information that are detrimental to the point where I can't really focus on what the real issue is, just that I feel all retarded about it.

Dear brain: There is NO REASON to feel so retarded about this. STOP IT.

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