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Wow. I actually have something to post about today!!

Aaron and I went to Six Flags and had a tonne of fune. It was rainy, so the lines weren't TOO terribly long. We were in line for Titan. Thinking, "Blah, we're in line for Titan." When ALL OF A SUDDEN one of those huge stuffed prizes flies over the fence. It was a Winne the Pooh rip off. So Aaron and I are going, "Who would chuck away a perfectly good giant prize???" So I went under the fence and nabbed it. We rode Texas Giant...IN THU RAIN. Which stung but was also exciting because it was IN THU RAIN. And then we tried to ride Shockwave, but when we FINALLY got to the top, they said, "We are closing all the rides because we suck. Go away." (There's a good chance I'm paraphrasing.) So I made Aaron walk all the way back down because I had the urge to throw the bear down, but we didn't want anyone to steal it. So I did. It ruled.

THEN IT STARTED POURING. So we ran around joyously in the rain, or at least one of us did, and the other bitterly complained. (I'll let YOU guess who was who!) And then we ate at Gator McGee's and I discovered that I had NINETEEN DOLLARS IN MY WALLET!!!!!!!! It was better than Christmas. After the rain let up, we decided to leave, and began wandering to the exit. On the way out, we saw these dudes with a GIANT SPONGEBOB PRIZE. AND IT WASN'T A RIP OFF, IT WAS THE REAL SPONGEBOB. So I said, "HEY!! I'll trade you my huge pooh bear for your huge Spongebob!" And they go, "Eh, you can have it." And Aaron and I went, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then passed out. Then we said, "THANK YOU!" And ran away with the Spongebob.

So this is the moral of the story: If you go to Six Flags with no cash, you'll find some you forgot about, as well as get FREE HUGE PRIZES, you just have to know where to look.

And be really lucky.
Tags: happy, memories, roller coasters, six flags

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