Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

With this post, I give up my right to be pretentious about anything ever again.

Okay, first of all, I just got back from Kroger to buy bottled water for the start of February l_goolb, and I had my big, huge case of Aquafina, and I got stuck in line behind a guy buying about eighty cans of Fancy Feast. I had to stand there holding the thing while the lady rung up each one.

I also bought myself a Cadbury Egg. I hate the things. But I have to buy one every year to remind myself I hate them, because every year I look at them and go, "Hey, cream filled chocolate egg, sounds pretty delicious!" I've gave up trying to talk myself out of it ages ago, and instead choose to make myself suffer by going, "Sounds delicious? Fine, HAVE ONE!! And you'll have to EAT THE WHOLE THING!!!!! Even the bizarre yellow cream in the middle!!!"

It does keep me from buying more until next year, though.

Don't worry, I do the same thing with Peeps and Twinkies.

ALSO: Taxes for this year? Done. Refund? $178. Whoo. It's going to pay bills.

Now, on to the real reason for the post: I'm coming out and letting you guys know that I like Americal Idol. Heck, I watch it on a regular basis. This just started last season, when I was at my parents' house and THEY were watching it, and I was like, "Okay. I am not going to get attatched to any of the contestants because I totally don't care and it's the stupidest show ever."

Then I fell in love with Carrie Underwood.

And she WON.

So, I've already started watching it this season.

Next season I'm auditioning. You see if I don't.

Anyway, since I spent the better part of the past several years hating American Idol with all of my being, and chiding those that watched it, I'd like to request a favor from all of you.

If you ever see me being pretentious about ANYTHING, be it band, movie, tv show, hobby, whatever? Simply remind me of my love for American Idol.

And if that doesn't do it? Two words?

Spice Girls.

Remind me that I have the movie.

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