Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I posted way too much today.

I was just in one of those "WORKING IS SO LAME" moods, and when I get in those moods...I post a lot. For this, I apologize! But if you are just tuning in, and don't feel like scrolling a lot, here is a simple guide to all the posts I made today, and you can choose at your discretion which you would like to read.

1. A list of userbars.
2. Help me write an autobiography! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.
3. In which I bitch extensively about how I hate work and don't want to do it. Also, at the bottom, an offer for a free duct tape dress!
4. It's official: I love Dinosaur Comics TOO MUCH. I went and married T-Rex.
5. A meme. People seemed to like this one.
6. Provide me with a title, and I'll write a book!

Yes...I was bored today. I haven't posted this much since May 5th, 2003, when I was sick and had nothing better to do than post. HOORAY LIVEJOURNAL!!!! I owe you so much.

ALSO: I'm sorry.

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