January 9th, 2015

Tree Dreaming

E-mail, Hockey, and Fabric

The first thing I like to do in the morning is clear my inbox.

But sometimes I wonder if that should be the tenth or fifteenth thing I do in the morning.

By the time I get through all of the FB notifications, mailing list updates with interesting links, YouTube comments I want to reply to (later, of course), articles I want to read, etc., I'm an hour into my day and well down the Internet Wormhole. And of course, totally not thinking about what I wanted to accomplish for the day.

I've been wanting to start up a morning routine for a while now, but, you know, I haven't. There are things I'd like to do in the morning before the Internet Vortex takes hold. Maybe today, a goal should be to write up a list of the things I want to get done prior to switching the computer on. Will I do it? ONLY TIME WILL TELL. Or the terrifying lamprey bear that fidgety sent to my inbox to remind me to post at all. (There's still two e-mails in there that haven't been dealt with....waiting......looooooming......)

Anyway. Stuff actually happened this week, which is interesting. I probably should have posted about it as it happened, because this could have easily been three posts instead of one.

On Tuesday, Green and I went to see the Dallas Stars play hockey. In her past, Green was a hockey player. In MY past, I was a hockey avoider. I figured out all the things that could get one sent to the penalty box (at least in elementary school hockey) and spent the whole game attempting to spend as much time there as I could.

The point I'm making is, I have no idea how to actually play hockey. So the game was strange and surreal, but still fun. I laughed when the Stars were down by three, then scored their first goal of the game. The stadium FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT, because the home team had SCORED A GOAL!!! The lights went all green and white and flashy, the crowd stood up and started chanting "DALLAS! STARS!" and everyone basically acted as if we weren't losing. But we were totally, totally losing.

The other thing that amused me was that of the twenty-three players on the team, none of them were from Texas. Only three, in fact, were from America. FIFTEEN of them were from Canada, the other five, from various other countries.

This was funny to me because Americans are always on about how we should be tougher on immigration because foreigners are taking good American jobs and whatnot, meanwhile, we're happily importing Canadians and paying them buttload-fuck-tons of money to slap the name of an American city across their chest and play hockey for us. (Nothing at all against Canadians, I love the fuck out of you guys, I just find the hypocrisy staggering.)

Anyway, the game was pretty fun despite feeling largely like an observer rather than a participant. It was awesome to get to go somewhere with Green, and she had a lot of fun. We rode the train out there, which was a small adventure for Green, and nice for me because I wasn't on it for over an hour.


Yesterday, a fabric store in Dallas was having a huge sale. I learned about it through Facebook and decided to go, since I've got it in my head that I'm going to reupholster the only piece of upholstered furniture in our house, a giant armchair. To my credit, it NEEDS it, the current upholstery is an ugly grey and has mystery stains on it. I'm 90% sure that this project will be bigger than I think, though.

Anyway, upholstery fabric runs anywhere from $15 - $50 per yard. I had figured this chair project would run me $200. So I went, figuring if they had anything I could use, the savings would be worth it.

The place was fucking HUGE. I was not expecting that. I expected a place like JoAnn's, but smaller - a mom-and-pop sort of shop where I'd be lucky to find the bright green I wanted, much less any other color.

Instead - imagine someone gutted a Sams Club and filled it instead with fabric. That's what this place was. There was upholstery fabric of every color under the sun. And the actual sale took place in this room way in the back, the "clearance room", which was packed with people, and bolts of fabric strewn on shelves and on tables. I found an upholstery remnant table, where I managed to uncover scraps of the EXACT green I wanted, and a bright orange, two shades of blue, and a few nice pattern scraps to compliment. I also picked out a bright magenta from their full-priced stuff (which was also on sale, just not as deep a sale as the clearance room).

I ended up getting all of the fabric I'd need for the project (hopefully) for $17.

I paid for my savings with my time - the line moved at a snail's pace, as every person in the line had a shopping cart filled to overflowing with bolts of fabric they wanted cut (or wanted to buy in their entirety). I stood in that line for two hours. But the time went more quickly, since I got in a conversation with the two women behind me. We were practically best friends by the end of the ordeal.

So those are the things that happened to me this week! Workwise, things have been good and steady, and I feel like I haven't had much time for working on anything else (either that, or I'm using my backed up Etsy queue as an excuse to avoid working on anything else, I'm not quite sure which).

I'll see you next time on "Stuff I Should Have Posted About Earlier".