August 14th, 2014

Tree Dreaming

Space Case McFaceFace

Man, I have been a Space Case McFaceFace this week. I blame Godus for forcing me to stare at my iPad screen for a majority of the day every day. I've had no real sense of time or schedule and no sense of urgency about doing my jobly job which is BAD TIMES.

I also wonder if maybe the fact that the house is starting to mess up again has something to do with it...I feel more work-mode-y when stuff is clean.

It's not TERRIBLE, I'm actually keeping it "pretty deese", as Wheezy Waiter would say, especially the kitchen. But I had lots of stuff I was going to do today (Make hoops! Edit video!) and I did not any of it.

I DID work on my "Flailing Toward Success" book a little. I actually totally started over because I hated how typical e-book the first version was sounding. I don't want to release something like that, I want to release something I can be legit-ass proud of as coming from ME, and not just written by some dude who writes e-books. Let's call him Mr. Ebooks Mcgee. He writes e-books for a living. Lucky for him his parents named him Ebooks.

I wonder if there are any humans alive today named "Ebooks"...*looks up*....based on the one website I looked up, no, there are not. GET ON THAT, THE FUTURE.