August 3rd, 2014

Tree Dreaming

Le Title

Meant to get my LJI entry posted today, but I didn't. It's written, I just need to re-read it and make sure there are no glaring errors or anything that could be fixed up.

Didn't have much of a weekend this weekend due to hoop shop stuff...made hoops all day Saturday, worked on shop upkeep today (re-writing listings, getting on top of income/expense stuff).

I did force myself to stop and play a little Hearthstone, which was fun. I've decided that instead of saving up for the expansion quarters, I'm going to keep playing for the main cards. I have all of the commons now, working on the rares. Not that anyone cares. :P Does anyone reading this play Hearthstone, by any chance?

Must do the dishes before bedtime happens. Bleh.