August 1st, 2014

Tree Dreaming

Doot. Just one "doot" this time. Who needs three "doot"s? I guess I just did three, actually.

So Octavian's officially out of LJI, which is good because it means I can quit writing his entries at the last minute because I nearly forgot about him. I'm impressed with how long he stayed in the game, and grateful that he never had more votes than I did. :P I was using that as my gauge of whether or not my personal entry really sucked that close I was to Octavian in votes. I figured there were people who would never vote for him because they didn't get it/couldn't stand the all caps.

Frankly, I'm surprised he stayed in so long given how many actual contestants they were, and that he was largely a joke. But that sort of stuff is fun for me to write, it makes my heart happy, and it was good to be able to just dick around with a silly entry after thinking so hard about what mine should be about. Usually with Octavian, I'd just write whatever the hell popped into my head and started writing, and posted with minimal edits. It was refreshing and fun.

BUT, I'm relieved to not have to do two entries a week, and I'm also relieved that I can tell LJ to remember my dang password again since I won't be switching back and forth between two journals anymore (sorry to anyone who was hoping to read more of Octavian, I'll probably be retiring him for my sanity's sake).

Now to figure out what to write this week...and to ACTUALLY STAY ON TOP OF READING...