July 30th, 2014

Tree Dreaming


Tomorrow I shall make my first stab at DAILY VLOGGING ala Michael Aranda's WhatImDoingRightNow. It should be a thing. The biggest issue will be remembering to wear clothes.

Today was a pretty gentle day. Work-wise, I only had a few hoops to make. Green was home all day, and it was fairly overcast for most of the day as well, which always makes it feel lazy. I had big novel revision plans but of course, they fell through. I could still work on the book a little bit, though.

On the novel front - tomorrow I get the final lesson in Holly Lisle's How To Revise Your Novel course, and I'm seriously considering getting the whole thing printed out so that I can just have it in one place. I suspect that might make it more motivating, or at least a little easier to follow, not having to sit at the computer to read each lesson. It will depend on how much it all costs to print. It would be easier if each file didn't start with a page on how you shouldn't copy or distribute it...there are twenty-two lessons, and each lesson has two or three files to it, which makes for about fifty extraneous pages, should I decide to print it via LuLu....I'll see if that would be any cheaper than Kinko's.

ANYWAY there was no reason to post about all that. I hope you didn't read it. It was basically just a brain dump for no reason. YOU'RE WELCOME.