July 24th, 2014

Tree Dreaming

I Don't Like "Fancy" But It's Always In My Head

That title will have nothing to do with this actual post.

Signed up for my fourth diet bet today. I am already super close to my goal for the first one, but there are twelve days to go still. I don't want to lose TOO fast because I don't want to plateau. I may do a cheat day just to make sure things don't get too crazy.

A friend of mine from Australia sent me some Tim Tams and I really want to film myself opening the box, but I am POOPED today. I went for a run this morning (I'm doing C25K again) and never really bounced back, so I'm going through the day with that draggy "I should take a nap" feeling. And maybe I SHOULD just take a nap, but I feel like I have stuff I need to do so I shouldn't. But I haven't gotten any of that shit done and I've felt like I should take a nap for a few hours. So maybe I should just take a damn nap and wake up more productive rather than lazily browsing the Internet convincing myself that any moment I'll start doing stuff.