July 19th, 2014

Tree Dreaming

Hoops Erry Day

I have a daily for the weekends on Habit RPG, "One Hour of Guilt-Free Entertainment". I check that off if I spend at least an hour doing something for fun without worrying that I should be making hoops.

Today I failed, I made hoops all day because I don't want to be so crazy behind on Monday. I'm going to make myself take tomorrow off, but I have two more hoops that I want to finish up today. If I get them done, I'll have made 9 hoops today, only 3 of them "budgets" (super quick to make). I guess that means I can probably tape about 7 fancy hoops (full tape jobs with deco tape and everything) in a day where I still make it to the post office. That seems awfully low.

Luckily, I'm not getting 7 orders a day, though I had a 9 order day earlier this week. (I guess I shouldn't say "luckily", it would be great to get that many orders...but I would definitely need help at that point.) Usually I get somewhere between 3-5 orders a day (which is AWESOME). BUT I really want to stay on top of them so that I don't get a full que that overwhelms me. BUT I need to take time off or I'll go crazy.

Anyway. If the trends continue this year like they did last year, orders will taper off a bit during Aug/Sept/Oct and pick WAY up in November (this is part of why I'm setting some money aside from the excess of these past months: If the next few months are super slow, I still want to be able to make rent without straining too much). Probably I can handle the orders until then, but I will likely need to hire some help during the holidays.