June 28th, 2014

Tree Dreaming

The Mall

This is probably the slowest I've ever written an LJI entry. I've been working on it every day since the topic went up and it still isn't done. I guess there's still time to finish it by tonight.

A big chunk of the day got spent at the mall, which was expected and unexpected all at once. We had planned to go, but pretty much for one specific thing, and then we were going to leave.

When we got there, there were NO PARKING SPACES. At all.

Usually this particular mall is pretty dead, at least when I go...it almost feels like a ghost town. But today, PACKED.

Turns out, Miss Texas was hosting some sort of girls' pageant at Dillards. So this meant the mall was full of little girls running around in FUCKING INCREDIBLE DRESSES.

I want a pageant dress so bad it's insane. I want to buy one for me to just wear at burns and then hang up and gaze at lovingly in its down time. Usually I only see them online or through store dresses, and this time I got to see them on actual humans, in real life, and it was AWESOME.

We ended up not getting what we came for in the first place, and decided instead to spend the money seeing Maleficent. Despite there being some holes in the plot (why would you be like, "Whoops, something bad's going to happen to my daughter when she turns 16, better send her away IMMEDIATELY,"), I enjoyed the movie a lot. I felt it was the type of story Frozen could have been in the hands of better writers.

Aaaaand now I'm home, and apparently all that time in the mall exhausted me. Being around that much consumerism wears me out, it seems. I also spent too much money on food.