June 6th, 2014

Tree Dreaming

A Bit More In-Depth on TFIOS

Spoiler-free, I promise!

The movie was beautiful. I don't know if I've ever seen a movie that honored the book so well, and I know that is due in large part to the filmmakers knowing and respecting John, but also John not being the kind of author that feels his work is sacred and can't be screwed with. John's trust in the filmmakers and actors helped me trust that it wouldn't be bad, but I didn't give myself the hope that it would be FABULOUS BEYOND ALL REASON, I was just excited to see these characters I'd read about toodling around on screen for a while.

But it really was excellent. The bits they cut and re-worked made sense, and everything that was important stayed in (which made for a much longer movie than expected, which was perfectly fine with me, it's run time was two hours).

I wasn't sold on Ansel Elgort as Gus from the trailer, but he did such an amazing job in all the parts that really mattered.

And I honestly did NOT think I was going to cry as much or as hard as I did. I don't know why...maybe because I knew the story so well, maybe because I was expecting the movie to be a little more sloppy and cutesy than it ended up being...but I sobbed my face off, and so did Green, and it was beautiful, sitting in that theater with this person I love so much, holding hands and both of us crying because we're both moved by this crazy good story.

And then you could hear the sobbing of every other teenage girl in the theater, and then this girl in the row in front of us started handing out tissues, and one person couldn't reach, so she tossed the whole pack at them, then everyone in those two rows were sort of mutually cry-laughing, and it's the sort of thing that in any other movie theater might make you angry, but in that place, it was a welcome laugh because the rest of you was aching so hard from the emotions.

They saved John Green's credit for the very end, and they deleted the scene with his author cameo, but honestly, I'm glad they did, because it would have pulled me out of the movie. Hazel and Gus's world is one without John Green and Nerdfighteria, even though it exists because of them. Seeing John would have pulled me out of the movie for a moment, and I didn't want that to happen.


Great adaptation. Would see again. Feels, feels, so many feels.