August 9th, 2011

Gluing the phone

Gratitude 'Splosion!

I really need to do one of these.


1. Green. <3 He is my super-cuddly, ever understanding, made-just-for-me rock.
2. We have a fully-stocked kitchen full of food!
3. We are in our own apartment, and we have Internet!
4. I am in good health!
5. I got into early registration for Pottermore!
6. The new term at Hogwarts Elite, and getting to reconnect with old friends there!
7. Megan is moving back to town soon!!
8. I've got two interviews lined up for my new blog theme!
9. My blog has a theme!
10. I'm very close to being done with my Wreck This Journal, so I can start on This Is Not A Book!

There's ten things. Now back to sorting!
Hufflepuff Banner

The PROBLEM With Chips*

The problem with having a bag of chips* at the ready is that I'm more likely to eat them for breakfast.

*Or "crisps" if you are from a place that isn't America that calls chips "crisps".