July 19th, 2011

tiny house

The Hilarious Story of Why We Should Just Friggen' Live in a Bus Already

Oh man, it's been almost a week since I last posted. UNACCEPTABLE. Tomorrow is the day we're supposed to get the internet hooked up in our OWN APARTMENT! Which would be fantastic except that Green's parents have hired us to watch their four thousand pets for the next two weeks. Which means we've basically moved back over here, to this gigantic house, for two weeks. So we'll FINALLY have the internet in our own place but it won't friggen' matter because we're here. Which has the internet, so that's awesome, but we sure could have used it for the past two weeks instead, so maybe his parents should have just gone out of town two weeks ago.

As it stands, we've basically moved a third time back into this house (we've brought the computers and the cat and we're going back for our mattresses), and we get to move a FOURTH time back into our apartment when they come back home.

If we lived in our lovely house bus, this would hardly have been a big deal, because we could just drive our home to their parking lot and be done with it.

That story wasn't all that hilarious, I'll grant you. I'm sorry. At least it was short!