November 26th, 2010

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Day Fifteen - Yoga Gnomes

I discovered something today in class. Something I sure wish someone had told me the first time I came to a Bikram yoga class. It's a secret they keep to themselves, I don't know why, but today, for the first time ever, I'm revealing the secret to you.

In every Bikram yoga studio, all over the world, there is a staff of invisible yet infinitely strong gnomes. These gnomes are abundant and plentiful, and endlessly eager to help. Every student gets at least six of them assigned to their case the moment you walk in the door and sign in. Their job is to help you out, to take off some of that strain and to give yourself a break when you feel like you just can't hold up your own weight anymore.

The key is, you have to ask for their help. They're right there, at all times, ready to catch you, you just have to be willing to call on them. Feel like you just can't hold your arms and legs up in balancing stick? Let go, and let the yoga gnomes grab you. Does your arm just want to dangle rather than reach up and up and up in triangle? Let the yoga gnomes grab hold and pull it up for you. They are especially helpful on those first few floor postures where you have to defy gravity and somehow lift your body up in the air. Let the yoga gnomes give you a boost! Stop pushing so hard, let go, and allow them to catch you, lift you, balance you, stabilize you.

It seems silly, but it's amazing how much imagining these little guys helped me out in class today. Every time I felt like I didn't want to push anymore, I let myself go to the gnomes and they did the work for me. And I made it through day fifteen, halfway through the first half of these sixty days, as my strongest class yet.

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