May 22nd, 2010

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I think I'm just going to be happy with remembering to update at all. Yes?

YOGA. I'm doing it again. Not as much as I'd like, but my very favorite yoga instructor in the whole friggen' world came back for a couple weeks last month, spoiled me rotten with her amazing classes, then left again and now when I go to class I just wish it was her teaching, which I've always sort of done when I go to class, except now it's worse because before I didn't know if I would ever actually get to take one of her classes again.

This is rambly and probably boring. But the POINT is, I want to teach this yoga. Bikram yoga. I want to take the teacher training and immerse myself in it for the six months and become a teacher, because I want to be the teacher I wish was teaching in the classes where I wish someone else was teaching. If that makes sense. I want to inspire people, not make them wish they were anywhere else. I want people to realize they're in that room for a reason, not to suffer.

Anyway. I started a savings account specifically for saving for the teacher training. It will likely take me several years to save up for it, but it's there and I'm going to put SOMETHING in it every week.

In the mean time, I've been accepted to be part of the initial beta group for SaFire's teacher training. I've also got my spot reserved to take HoopGirl's teacher training in October. So those are some hoop goals recognized, getting officially certified to teach, and from two different teachers! I still have the goal of getting as many hoop teacher certifications as I can, just because I think it would be awesome to list them all on my website. But I've already got two. I could theoretically also sign up for Hoopnotica distance training, but I'm hesitant to do that since EVERYONE in the area is Hoopnotica certified.

ANYWHOOSLE. That is all. Saving, training, goal manifestation, all that jazz.