May 13th, 2010

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Oh my goodness. I've been nudged by sra33. I...I truly suck.

The thing is, I have been thinking about you so much recently, livejournal! I miss you! I miss you bunches. BUNCHES and bunches. I would like to get back in touch with you. I just had a birthday, did you know that? I'm twenty-six now. I was thinking of doing this big DRAMATIC return to LJ on my birthday. But you know what? I didn't. Because I truly suck.

So I've been thinking of doing this epic, sixty day in a row blog-a-day sort of thing on health. But I think I'm going to scrap the whole health idea and just get back into posting ANYTHING. Every day. Something every day so that I have some record of what the hell I've been up to. I'm not even going to try to fill in the embarrassingly large three-month gap of LJ absence. It is the longest span of time I have ever gone without posting since I got the journal on June 8th, 2001. Hey, my LJ's birthday is coming up! We should throw a party! But I will probably forget.

So last night, I went to karaoke with sparklyaria, Ernest (who I think has an LJ but I can't remember it right now because IT'S BEEN SO LONG), and jslorentz. I wrote some poems. I'm going to share some of them with you....NOW.

Jess is the best
Sometimes she is dressed

Brandy, Brandy, is so handy
She's a girl who's not named Mandy
I like her bunches
More than lunches
She's a really awesome frand-y

Smells like small
baby feet
dipped in alcohol
Also gross
and seals
but not seals

Where are my keys?
I have no knees.
Take my drink, please.
I have to sneeze.

That's all. I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully. Sammy-Joe, you may want to nudge me again, JUST IN CASE.