February 3rd, 2010

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I'm so all over this idea.

"That’s why I have decided to declare February the month of…

Radical Self Love

I say, it’s time to romance yourself. It’s time for the greatest love affair you will ever know. It’s time for a personal revolution. I say, you deserve to be your own darling! Get enchanted! Bewitch yourself! I say, if not now, when?

Let’s get busy adoring ourselves."

From GalaDarling's blog, clicky the image above for more info!
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LJ Idol Voting

So voting for LJ Idol is up, and this week we had partners. The way the voting works this week is the two "teams" with the lowest combined votes get voted off, so if you want to vote for me, also vote for malruniel11! It would be much appreciated. :)

Oh, I'm sure a link would help, too. LINK