October 7th, 2009

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LJ Idol - Topic 0 - Introduction

Hello, I am Jujubii, and I'm a level 62 fire mage.

Hello, my name is Jessica, and I am a human girl who has been on this Earth for 25 years not counting the time spent in utero. I love pizza. Like, a lot.

I use emoticons to much, but for some reason, only in comments.

I've been addicted to LJ since the tender age of seventeen. Since then I've learned that my entire life revolves around the Internet and I would never get anything done without it. Which seems counter-intuitive since one could argue I waste lots of time here. I prefer to look at it as spending lots of time being inspired by awesome.

My most recent waste of time involved parodying the entire friggen' Twilight series under the LJ name xlormp. This crazy ride lasted a little over a year, and now that the last book is finally done, I'm not entirely sure I've processed it all. The journal made the LJ spotlight way back in the middle of the first book and has opened up the door to meeting some epically awesome LJ folks. Who like reading what I write. Which is totally okay with me. AND ALSO I LOVE THEM. (Them being the folks I've met because of the parody, which is about aliens and not vampires in case you were wondering.)

Other things I've done on LJ involve a lot of Harry Potter nerdiness, and the community hogwarts_elite. I'm a Hufflepuff, and now you can stop staying up all night driven by insane curiosity. You're welcome.

Sometimes, when you are a man woman, you wear stretchy pants dance with a hula hoop. In your room. It is for fun.

Yes, I like to dance with hula hoops. Sometimes those hula hoops are on fire at the time. I would like to make this my profession. But life keeps distracting me. (Not the board game or the cereal. Real Life. "RL", for those of you from the Internet.)

OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION: Roller coasters. They are made of violently epic win. I love them. Here is a picture of me on a roller coaster.

That was a picture of me on a roller coaster. The Gemini at Cedar Point, in fact. Cedar Point is probably my favorite place on the whole entire planet.

JOB INFO: I am currently Barely Employed after a long bout of being Very Unemployed. I'm actively trying to become Even More Employed, even though I totally hate life as an employed person, but the government has stopped paying me to be unemployed, so it's time to bite the bullet and join the workforce again.


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