September 14th, 2009

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So I have a bunch of pictures of my wrecked journal I want to share, but they transfer from my camera as gigantic, and I don't have any programs to re-size them without losing quality. Does anyone know of any free, downloadable programs that my crappy computer might be able to handle that could do this in such a way that flickr won't have a heart attack when I go to upload them?

Never mind. Paint seems to be doing this just fine! Hooray for ghetto programs!
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I have to link to these.

This lady on flickr did TWO Wreck This Journals. The first one she did normally (for the most part), following the directions. The second, she was more lenient on the directions, playing with what she wanted to play with, altering some of the directions to be more inspiring or beautiful, and creating one of the most gorgeous books I have ever seen.

The first journal.

The second journal.

I also REALLY love this girl's journal.

And now the sun is coming up, so I should probably go to bed.