June 2nd, 2009

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So mom, Clarice and I were riding the Blue Streak, and Clarice had her camera out while they were loading the train, and the attendant told her to put it away. So she did. However, she got it back out as we rolled around and began climbing the lift hill. About halfway up, the train stops. I was excited, I love getting stuck on rides (because I am retarded? Probably), and I'd never been stuck on Blue Streak before, so I reveled in the experience while we watched the attendant climb the lift hill, presumably to fix the problem.

Nopers. It was to ask Clarice to delete the pictures she had taken and put her camera away.

Let me repeat that.

They STOPPED the ENTIRE RIDE just so the attendant could bitch out Clarice for having her camera out. I found it pretty freaking hilarious, and luckily, so did the other riders. I mean, seriously. There comes a point when you just have to let it go, man. Chastise her and make her delete her pictures when the ride is over!

I wish I had time to read my fl...maybe I'll get a chance tomorrow?? Right now, it's late and I'm sleepy and I should probably be sleeping instead of posting but YOU GUYS KNOW HOW I ROLL.