April 1st, 2009

Tree Dreaming

Dear Livejournal

I hate April Fools, and YOU DON'T GET AN EXEMPTION. Don't freaking scare me like that. Man alive.

EDIT: You're lucky Google knows how to prank the right way. I feel a little better about life.

I hate April Fools because a) I am gullible and easy to prank since my normal state of being is to trust everyone and since I'm used to being around honest people, I don't see why anyone would have any reason to lie to me, b) I am forgetful so even though I may be aware at one moment that it's April Fools and I should be on the lookout for jokes, I forget the very next minute and I get fooled every time, and c) I don't think mean pranks that make people feel worried, scared, or panicked, are funny. I think they are mean.

If you love me, don't prank me. If you prank me, I hate you.

But I'm still happy about the hoop classes. IF I CAN JUST MAKE IT THROUGH APRIL FOOLS DAY. Holy balls.
Tree Dreaming


I am procrastinating on writing and posting my Xlormp chapter. I should stop. I only have two more damn chapters and a stinking Epilogue and then the book is over and WHY CAN'T I JUST WRITE THEM AND BE DONE WITH IT but instead I'm putting it off. SECRET: I'm a terrible person.

TODAY I got to wake up at the soul-sucking hour of nine in the AM. I helped Ernesto move his crap from one apartment to another apartment, the latter apartment being one in my complex. So now there are THREE awesome people that I know of in my apartment complex. (Ernesto is sparklyaria's not-boyfriend-but-friend boy.) I helped because I figured it was karmactic revenge for being the only one who didn't think it would be really stupid for him to call in to work today. MY RESPONSIBLE COHORTS OUTNUMBER ME. It's hard to be a free-spirited slacker these days.

Man, I just spent so much kerfrikken' money on supplies for making hoops. Folks better buy these things at my class. A chunk of that money went to buying a fancy-ass pipe cutter so instead of spending hours slowly carving through the tubing, I can spend seconds snapping through it with MIGHTY QUICKNESS. I knew I would buy one eventually. I kind of wish I'd bought it on the last batch. I've also got some sexy tape on the way (Megan, I think I picked up some purple gaff tape or shiny tape or something but anyway I got SOMETHING purple so I can tape your hoop the way you wanted it and now that I'm broke I could totally use that ten bucks I'm just sayin'. :)

Anyway the point of this story is I slept a lot in the middle of the day and also I wish unemployment just sent you a check instead of a debit card because what kind of sense does that make and I spent forty-five minutes getting that money into my actual bank account so I could pay my rent.

~*~THE END~*~