March 31st, 2009

Tree Dreaming


ATTENTION ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! I am going to be teaching TWO beginner's hoop dance class a week, starting sometime mid- to late-April. The classes will be held at Ancient Traditions in Grand Prarie:

Wednesdays at 9 PM


Saturdays at 1 PM

It's a 4-week class, $10 a week (or $40 all at once, I'm not sure how they're going to charge). If you're interested in taking class, please call the studio and sign up! I'll find out when I get to start teaching based on sign ups, but right now it looks like the third week in April.


ALSO, the owner has invited me to possibly perform with their troupe in their monthly haflas. She asked if I had any interest in performing, and I was like, OMG YES PLZ. They have drum circles every Friday at 8, she's said I should bring my hoop and play, and if anyone asks how to do it, tell them, JOIN THE CLASS!! :)

So yes. SUPER SUPER SUPER PUMPED. I gave my proposal to a couple gyms and rec centers too, as well as one dance studio in Ft. Worth that said they might be able to let me teach classes in the summer, but for now, I'm pleased as can be! If I can find other class times to help support me that would be awesome too, but for now, if you live anywhere nearby and you're interested in taking a hoop class, come sign up!!!

*happy dance of awesome joy*

OTHER AWESOME HOOP RELATED THING: Apparently the Performance SaFire class I signed up for only had one other student, so SaFire's putting it on hold for now. But she's said that we can pick another class for free to take instead in the meantime, and when she gets back to work on the Performance class we're still enrolled. So now I am torn between the Beginner's class (which would be helpful since I'm going to be teaching beginners) and the Breaks & Reversals class (which I desperately want to learn). I'm probably gonna end up going for the Beginner's, BUT WE'LL SEE.